Social Media Management for Doctors

Social Media Management for Doctors

Social media is a very good public relations tool for healthcare institutions and individual doctors. However, there is a hugely competitive environment in the field of health in social media.

For this reason, you can get professional support from our agency in the field of  social media Management for doctors. The right content should be produced on the social media accounts of the doctors and should be met with the target audience in the right way.

Due to the advertising regulations made by the Ministry of Health, the contents should be prepared meticulously. As a result, you can work with our experienced healthcare team on social media management.

Doctors who are effective social media users can reach a wide audience and new patients easily.

Service Summary
Average Monthly Cost 300 – 2,000 USD
First Turns As of The 2nd Month
Ideal Uptime Minimum 12 Months
Advertising Management Part of The Service
Sharing Plan Daily Sharing
Graphic Design Part of The Service
Photo and Video Capture Not Included Within The Service
Moderation Included in Service
Reporting Monthly Reporting
Platforms Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok


Why is Social Media Management for Doctors Important?

Managing physician social media is the most effective strategy for first demonstrating physician expertise, building patient trust, and reaching new patients. Social media is a meeting point between the doctor and the patient.

Thanks to social media, doctors can make huge gains, especially in terms of health tourism. When social networks are used properly, patients living in other cities and countries can be contacted.

Thanks to social media management for doctors, reputation studies can be carried out. Accurate and accurate information should be shared on accounts and patients experienced in this area should be treated so as to have no legal implications.

The doctor can call us immediately to manage the social networks and get detailed info.

How does  Social Media Management for Doctors Work?

The reputation of the doctor on social media is very important. Therefore, in order to avoid reputational damage, our team plans all shares in a professional manner. At the same time, we make sure that all the details in the shares have a scientific and medical equivalent.

  • We also work rigorously on content management and scheduling for physician social media management. We act by caring about the expectations of patients and the health sector. We are also preparing shares that will represent your vision.
  • Multimedia elements (visuals, video, posts, etc.) in social media management, we design based on social media trends. We act in simple language so that patients can understand without entering scientific terminology.
  • While the doctor provides social media management services, it is important for us that the information can be understood by the target audience and that the doctor-patient communication can be established in a healthy way. With well-optimized social media accounts, you can reach new patients and experience a significant increase in your patient audience in a short period of time.
  • During the management of social media accounts, we produce content that allows you to interact and get organic followers using science. At the same time, we support you with comments, messages, and other areas of communication and feedback with your potential or existing patients.
  • We prepare remarkable and effective visual content that introduces apps like before/after for a doctor’s social media management in the aesthetic field. We are with our experienced team members in all kinds of editing and assembly.

Benefits of social media Management for doctors

  • With physician social media management, you can reach more people and get more organic followers on your page.
  • You can effectively introduce yourself to your potential customers and get a noticeable increase in appointment rates.
  • You may become more known than other doctors who serve in the same field.
  • With quality content and precise visuals, you can promote your work more efficiently by using videos.
  • With professional support on social media, you can do effective public relations work and increase awareness within a short period of time.

What are We Doing to Manage The Social Media of Doctors?

  • We encourage the development of a unique language.
  • We support you in communicating effectively with your patients and prospects through social networks.
  • We include interesting, simple, and sincere shares in your social media accounts.
  • We get video and visuals from real applications and make engaging multimedia productions.
  • We create content that explains medical terms related to your field to your patients.
  • We make sure that all your posts on your social media accounts are scientific. We always provide scientifically proven information.
  • We protect patient privacy in sharing and social media interactions and are strict about never sharing personal information with another person or organization.
  • We do not neglect to source all content such as information, documents, images, or videos we receive from elsewhere.
  • We use social media ads effectively and help you reach more people.
  • We update your social media pages regularly and make regular shares.
  • We share quality content and support content with visuals and videos.
  • We create campaigns dedicated to all social media platforms and enable your patients to follow your page more.
  • As a social media agency, we offer professional social media management services to medical practitioners.
  • We create links from your website to your social media accounts, from your social media accounts to your website, resulting in more visits, more followers, and a higher conversion rate.

You can always trust our corporate social media team.

The Impact of Advertising in Managing Social Media of Doctor

The doctor is an important contributor to advertising for social media management. We benefit from using advertisements in professional management in the following areas;

  • When creating ads, we can check your budget, the demographics of your target audience, the habits of your prospective customers, and where you will advertise in advance. This way, you can achieve your desired audience with low budgets.
  • You define the ad budget in social media advertisements and you can organize ad campaigns based on each budget.
  • With mobile access, your potential patients can reach you regardless of time and place.
  • It is possible to reach more users than other advertising channels.


Social Media for Doctors

The most important consideration in managing physicians’ social media accounts is ensuring a trusting relationship with users. Because when it comes to health, people’s research process is long and they are more meticulous in their choices.

Types of content we produce to do so:

  • Information for use in daily life: These contents, which can be produced in reels or post format, serve as hooks for patients or their relatives to follow the doctor’s page. This practical information, presented without any consideration, increases the patient’s interest in the physician over time.
  • Information on the operating procedure: There are many issues that patients who want to have surgery are afraid to even ask the physician. Answering these questions through social media accounts ensures both the awareness of the patient and the recognition of the doctor of the patient who is researching surgery. This content format can be prepared in both post and reels format. It can also be used in stories.
  • Content that gives information about diseases: The simple fact of giving information about surgery can lead patients to think that the doctor is orientated towards money. Information about diseases should also be shared in order to prevent this.
  • Photos and videos taken during the procedure: Such content shows that the doctor is actively practicing his profession. The activity of the doctor also helps in establishing a trusting relationship because it indicates that he is experienced.
  • Patient comments or interviews: Even if the referral is important in physical life, there is a similar situation in digital. Content that your patients share their experiences or express their satisfaction is an example to other patients. He thinks that he will be pleased with the service that others receive. In short, it increases the confidence in the doctor.
  • Photos before and after the operation: Patients contemplating surgery wonder what the change will be and what it will look like afterward. Before and after photos are the only ingredients that allow this curiosity to be dispelled. The fact that the case photo was taken 1-2 years after the surgery is more reassuring for the patient. Because this also indicates that the doctor continues to take care of the patient after surgery.

In addition to this, the doctor’s appearance, tone of voice, and statements he uses in the videos also provide information on the doctor. The sterile appearance of the doctor is a sign of respectability, and the fact that he speaks in front of the camera as in real life is reassuring.

If we summarize the social media content for doctors; these contents are the digital display of the identity of the doctors and their works. People want to know what to expect before they make a service purchase, as they will pay for the health care they will receive. Digital appearance actually gives people information about it. If your account actively demonstrates your expertise, experience, and reputation, it gives you confidence and results in your content.

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