SEO for Doctors

SEO for Doctors

Internet users search about receiving health care in the search engines. People who want to get service in many areas from dentistry to dietitian, from the solution of health problems to aesthetic interventions, search through the internet. Here, the importance of SEO efforts becomes apparent for doctors serving in private clinics and hospitals.

Let us mention that there are many doctors serving in your specialty. According to the service you provide, doing regional targeting is our priority. Firstly, procedures are carried out for people around you to reach you. Then, if you have broader objectives, works are carried out towards these targets. When planning SEO work for physicians, your  goals are taken into consideration first. Now let’s take a look at what SEO is and what it provides for the doctors.

What is SEO?

SEO is the whole of the efforts carried out for the rankings made in the search engines over the internet. Search engines rank websites and web pages according to certain criteria. All of the work done according to these ranking criteria is called Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO experts carry out these works inside and outside your website.

SEO efforts primarily bring your website to high rankings in your industry. It enables people to come to your website naturally. The best part of these works is that you can reach your potential patients at very low costs. You should conduct your search engine optimization efforts with the help of a professional in order to improve your website, increase your clients and to be at the top of the search engine results.

Why is SEO efforts Important for Doctors?

SEO work is also done for doctors. So what is the importance of SEO work for doctors? Why you need to work with an SEO specialist or an SEO agency as a doctor:

  • If you provide health services in any field in a private clinic, the most effective way to reach your potential clients is through search engines.
  • SEO efforts allow you to reach the patients who can get service from you directly as a doctor.
  • With the SEO services you will get, you can surpass your competitors and become a more well-known expert.
  • You can increase your income by reaching out to your potential clients for free.
  • You can present the most accurate content to your people on the first pages of the search engines.
  • You can get a national and global clientele.
  • You can become one of the most known brands in your industry.

As we have seen, SEO work has many personal and commercial consequences for doctors. Now, let’s look at which SEO works we do for doctors.

SEO Steps for Doctors

SEO work often changes depending on which service you will receive. Doctors generally require regional studies. However, doctors who want to appeal to a wider audience receive a broader range of SEO services. SEO work steps for doctors can be listed as follows;

Analysis Works

In the works we will do for your website, we first analyze your previous works. We find the content, links and all other errors on your website. By making these analyses on more than one tool, we get effective results. This is how we start our optimization work by fixing these errors in a short time.

Budget Planning

After the errors on your website are corrected, your goals will be listened to. Then a budget planning is made according to your goals. If SEO works are going to be conducted for your website, you should start with sufficient budget. The status of your industry, your goals, your competitors’ SEO efforts and the difficulty rate of the keywords you will compete in will affect the budget of the work. Your SEO expert will support you on budget consultancy as well.

Creating an Activity Plan

An action plan is created after you decide on your budget. 

After finding and fixing errors on your website, you can get ready to prepare the activity plan by putting the appropriate budget into work. Let me state that the results will be obtained after a certain period of time for SEO works applied for doctors. You should work systematically and regularly for success. Topics such as the works that will be conducted and when the contents will be shared should be determined in advance.

On-Site SEO Works

According to your activity plan, you should first start the SEO work on your website. You can start the process by adding quality and original content to your site. Then, you should execute the speed and visual optimization of your website correctly. In addition, you should create many on-site SEO details such as titles and meta descriptions on your site in accordance with the rules.

Off-Site SEO Works

You can make the results you get more effective thanks to the SEO works you will do outside of your website. To do this, you should run the backlink efforts professionally and run your social media accounts in a way to support your SEO work. You should also check all the links you will receive for your website from outside the site in this process.

Observing the Results

The best part of SEO works is that it can be observed continuously. For this, your SEO expert constantly monitors all the works done for your website with various tools. Your specialist will give you weekly and monthly reports. You can see the return of your investments by observing the results in your SEO efforts. You can also obtain data useful for your future work.

What are Extra Works Done for Doctors?

All standard in-site SEO studies are carried out that are mentioned above are done for doctors. In order to get detailed information about the SEO works we do, you can review our articles about on-site SEO, off-site SEO or local SEO efforts on our site. There are also some extra work we do for doctors. These works include:

Eat Update

This term, known as Google EAT, stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. In other words, the information on the websites that serve in a special area of expertise should be prepared by competent people and should be reliable. Within the scope of these works, our teams of experts in the field of health always produce quality content for your website. These contents should demonstrate your competence in your field and answer people’s questions.

In websites created by doctors, contents require a high level of expertise and content requires a high level of expertise. That’s why we ensure that you get content support from competent people in your field.

Graphics and Supporting Content

We make the text more effective with graphics and other supportive content along with the quality content we have created on your website. Thus, we make people read your content with more interest. This interest returns to you more effectively.

Investigation of Surgeries

In the content to be created for your website, the surgical processes in your area of ​​expertise are researched and visual, text and video content are prepared in a way that the users will understand and orient. All the details that patients should pay attention to before, after and during the operations are explained in detail.

Press Release Studies

In order to increase your brand awareness and reach more people, press releases are created that will enable you to find your place in the media and attract people’s attention on various websites. Press releases make your website stand out.

Creating an Appointment System

One of the most important details in medical service facilities is to create an appointment system. We are working to make your appointment system available to users on your website. Although this effort does not directly affect SEO, it will increase user experience. Thus, your brand can stand out in search engines.

Post-Intervention Feedback 

People like to experience realistic experiences before they receive treatment on a subject. Therefore, they give importance to the comments (via search engines or on your website) of people who got service from you. After the treatment, we direct your patients to actions where they can give feedback. This way, other potential clients can trust you. Also, these interactions are an SEO value for search engine bots. In other words, as interaction increases, your ranking in search engines will increase accordingly.

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