PR for Doctors: How to Do and Why?

PR for Doctors: How to Do and Why?

PR (Public Relations) for doctors, public relations, or marketing in the Turkish language, covers applications that can be considered challenging.

As doctors are professionals working in the health sector, they remain subject to marketing bans in the health sector. In this case, doctors can’t advertise like commercial businesses. Although they are commercial enterprises, PR practices for doctors are limited to not exceed the scope of patient relationships. There are strict judgments as doctors cannot campaign and advertise. In addition, it will not be possible for offices to publish any content using competing expressions.

Physicians with serious costs will, of course, need to carry out some promotional activities to maintain the existence of their clinics.

Traditionally, this promotion is usually in the form of advice from patients to each other, while business card distribution and publishing in some press outlets are also included in PR practices for former medical doctors.

However, in today’s individualized world, word-of-mouth interaction has been replaced with profile-to-profile sharing or asking Google.

That is, if doctors do not have a presence in the digital world, they do not have any presence and they have access to fewer patients than other physicians.

While some doctors still work with the philosophy of “my patient is enough for me”, others may attract patients even from the international arena.

This may be because these doctors conduct effective digital PR studies, which is exactly where we support our customers in their current work.

Current Works is a business that can provide efficient services in digital marketing and traditional marketing fields. But we know that on a national scale, especially in the promotional work of doctors, physical advertisements and traditional marketing tools have almost no effect.

Within the scope of health sector marketing practices that we have been carrying out for a long time, we offer qualified services to our customers that will not get caught up in legal obstacles. So how do PR studies for doctors be done according to modern principles?

What is PR?

PR, which you can call public relations, is an organization organized to create a unique working language for your brand and promote your brand.

PR work on behalf of an e-commerce company is extremely important. Because with these studies, reaching the target audience increases brand awareness, and brand loyalty is tried to be created. Without proper and effective PR, it is very difficult for the brand to change constantly.

What are Marketing Tools for Doctors?

Under the heading of marketing tools for doctors, few traditional tools can be shown within legal limits. Many of the traditional advertising tools can be counted within the advertising bans of health organizations.

For example, there is no such thing as advertising in a medium for direct promotional purposes. However, it is possible that informative content can be published in the form of sponsorship, which many physicians do not use because the costs of such activities are quite large.

Sponsorship practices are general practices that contribute to the brand conservation activities of major health organizations.

Why Should Doctors Do PR Work?

It is possible to infer that physicians may be engaged in PR work. First, you need to think about the doctor. It is quite natural for doctors to want to communicate their work to people and reach out to more people.

Just like any company aims to reach people, so do doctors. When we think of doctors who have opened their outpatient clinics, it is possible to understand how effective PR work is for them.

The second is to think about the opposite side. With the increase in the number of people working in the health sector recently, insecurity has emerged in people.

People who have difficulty understanding which doctor is doing their job well often do research online. People come to a decision based on their comments. As a result, a doctor studying public relations can reach people who think like that more easily.

What Should Be Considered While Doing PR Work for Doctors?

PR work is a practice that doctors who want to grow their audience can do. However, there are also elements to consider. It is an extremely important criterion to consider the expectations of the audience that is wanted to address.

It is a matter of deciding on the publicity, advertising, and content to be made after the audience is determined. If people can’t advertise on their own, they can sit down with units of experts and promote a right instead of a right.

Being actively involved in social media is much better in terms of reaching the masses. Without this, it may be impossible to reach the desired mass.

The content should be of good quality and qualities that will attract people’s attention. People have a positive sense about society or people. If doctors have a website, they should be active.

The point that doctors will pay attention to is that it is not very clear that the studies are presented as an example. What is meant here is; It is to make them think that they are presenting their work for informational purposes.

The Steps of PR for Doctors

As mentioned previously, the PR work is completed to reach potential clients of a company and publish a stronger brand promotion.With the digital world changing strategies, PR works have been replaced by digital PR works. Since our country has made great progress in the field of health, PR is also an area of great importance for doctors.

This PR work, which we can also define as public relations, is a service that is received by hospitals operating in the private sector or by doctors carrying out their centers as examinations. At this stage, it is necessary to review the steps of doctors and all other employees in public relations studies:

  • Step 1: Creating a Corporate Identity

Even though doctors provide health services, they work with the logic of a private company in this sector.

Assuming that there are many doctors in the same branch, it is necessary to start by creating a corporate identity. For this, it is possible to start with a corporate logo design and create a corporate website.

The health center or the area operating under its name should be turned into a special brand. In this case, all the work that will be formed in corporate identity must be put to life. At this point, professional support will always work and speed up the process.

  • Step 2: Website Optimization

Patients who have health problems primarily research treatment pathways using search engines such as Google. This is due to the spread of developing technology and the internet environment. Therefore it is important to optimize the website according to SEO guidelines for doctors.

The information to be recorded on the website is also different and extremely interesting. After that, explaining the methods of treatment or illness in a clear and detailed way allows people to make themselves known through the site.

During the PR work process for the doctor, the most effective works are the procedures linked to SEO.

  • Step 3: Use of Social Media

Social media is a very important channel for all kinds of PR. Doctors can also conduct a professional PR study by using social media effectively. Therefore, doctors need to develop their followers immediately from their social media accounts.

After that, they have to share images, videos, and informative content that they will do on this site. In this way, people immediately think of those doctors whom they experience in trusting doctors.

In the process of using social media, on the other hand, the campaigns that will enable doctors to interact with their followers are mobilizing people.

Frequent media posts and actively raising brand awareness will be a good promotional advantage for doctors.

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