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We create solutions for our customers to achieve success.

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As a data-driven digital marketing agency, we produce high-standard solutions for your digital marketing, design, and software needs with our expert and professional team!

Our Story

Current Works is a story of change and transformation. It is the story of those who have caught up with the changes created by developments in technology.

Our co-founder Ömer Yoluk started his data analysis and digital marketing work in 2014, and Damla ÇİĞ YOLUK joined in 2019. Our founders combined their competence in data analysis and marketing, which they gained during their university education, and caught up with the latest trends in the digital world.

They have taken on projects specifically in the USA, European countries, and Arab countries and made it their mission to continue their work globally.

During this process, our founders, who also united their lives, decided to move their work center from Istanbul because they believe that change and transformation are at the core of growth.

Although they planned to move their headquarters to Germany, due to the economic situation of the world, they chose Izmir as their headquarters without breaking ties with Istanbul.

Current Works, together with its experienced and professional team in SEO, social media, graphic design, data analysis, and software, has made many digital marketing campaigns successful.

In a rapidly changing world, it continues to be a solution partner for companies in their digital journey with the confidence it has in its team that embraces change and transformation.

What Sets Us Apart?

The digital strategies of each industry are different. The digital strategies that even companies in the same industry need vary according to the company’s organizational structure, customer capacity, and sales goals. We are aware of this! Together with our expert analysis and creative team, we determine the strategies of the work you need for your company and draw a roadmap.

Why Choose Us?

We produce work in 24 different languages in the fields of SEO, creative services, and content marketing, and we bring your brand to the top in Turkey and the countries where you want to be effective.

  • Effective Communication

Thanks to our project representatives, we stay in effective communication during the work process.

  • Solution-Oriented

With our solution-oriented approach, we understand your requests and offer you suitable solutions.

  • Data-Driven Approach

We examine your brand in detail with a data-driven approach and offer you unique, analytical solutions.